Artist Statement


 I began making art as soon as I could hold a pencil. I was a daydreamer, always watching the sunlight and shadows, a million shades of the sky colors, and the way a slight breeze ripples tree leaves and water on the lake. I loved observing people and living creatures, but was more than anything inspired by the sheer beauty of the thousand-year-old city of Kiev, Ukraine where I grew up. 

That early fascination with architectural design prompted my career choice and earning a Bachelor degree in Architecture . After immigrating to the United States, my fascination with drawing and painting and my desire to create art took over. Under guidance of well-known Californian landscape painter Bruce Everett, I completed graduate studies at the California State University, where I earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. With the  new millennium , my passion for art naturally evolved into my current profession.

Although I consider myself to be a versatile artist, enjoying a wide variety of subjects from portraits to figure studies to an occasional sculptural work, my true passion is for the beauty of a landscape vignette – any small corner of the world -- to which I connect on a deeper emotional level. 

 Painting en plein air (in the field) makes me react to the immediate environment and find endless inspiration in the effects of natural light on the essence of my subject. The outdoors is my studio – the place where I visually meditate, intuitively absorb and creatively respond to what I am seeing. Most of my work is done a la prima (in one sitting) which entails a certain degree of immediacy and simplification due to natural weather changes and fleeting light. I tend to suggest rather than define a subject, conveying the mood, light, and impressions with brush and painting knife strokes. Plein air painting allows me to soak in the beauty of my surroundings, at the same time being engaged in exhilarating joy and challenges of making art.

I have spent the last 20 years making my living as an artist and art teacher. I show my work in juried exhibitions, galleries, and fine art fairs. I feel very fortunate that my artwork has been awarded and acquired by private and public collections. In the past few years, I have turned my focus toward more impressionistic painting. Plein air painting allows me to record the immediate and spontaneous response to the scene that moved me. I want someone to see and feel what I felt, to convey to others my love for a place. If I was able to come even close to that -- if you can feel the warmth of the sun on the cobblestoned Paris street, the bubbling whirlpool of people at the Del Mar Fair, or the gentle sea breeze over the La Jolla Cove, I think that I have accomplished something of worth.